Stepping Up Skills

“Stepping Up Skills” helps you take it to the next level through a menu of specially created “How to…” video content, complete with workbooks, templates and exercises, from our subject matter experts (the “Conscious Contributors”).

In around 30 minutes, each video from our Conscious Contributors captures the key business development and marketing messages for how to bring your business to life. Each video is accompanied by a helpful “accountability assignment” designed to empower you to apply your new learning and keep you moving forwards in your business.

Website 101

How to Build a Website that Turns Visitors into Clients

Are you someone who finds the thought of creating or redesigning a professional-looking website overwhelming? Are you worried about the expense (especially if you’re just starting out)? By applying what you learn in this video you’ll discover the 10 ingredients you need to create a top notch site that converts web traffic into clients AND there’s even a special gift for you at the end!


How To Write Captivating Web Copy

Conscious copywriting is an essential skill in promoting yourself and your business. Whether writing content for your website, blog, or social media, now you can stand out from the crowd and resonate with the very heart of your audience. When you focus on building connections, a thriving business naturally follows.


Marketing Made Easy

How To Nail your Niche

How do we communicate effectively to FIND those same clients who are out there looking for US? In this video you’ll discover:

  • One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make that keeps them from connecting with the right clients – and the success they truly desire.
  • Basic principles to get more of the right clients and command more money.
  • Exercises to quickly and simply start tapping into who we are and who we serve!


How To Create PowerHouse Presentations

As a business owner you need to claim your space as the known expert in your field. One of the best ways to do that is to take the stage and show the world who you are and what you can do.

So many people find it difficult to create a presentation that captivates, inspires and educates a live audience; they just don’t know where to begin.


How To Serve Through Public Speaking
(and Even Get Paid For It)

If you want your potential clients to know about you, then you might want to start getting out there and letting them know who you are. Believe it or not, you can even get paid for it! So, if you’re interested to learn how to launch a career as a public speaker with grace and integrity and magnetise paying clients and customers to your door without hunting them down, then this class is for you.


How To Create & Build A Blog Following

Are you looking for a low cost way to connect with your customers? Could your visibility and income could be improved if you knew how to blog? With all the blog platforms and resources out there, are you a little confused about where to start? If so, tune in to learn the tips, tactics and strategies top bloggers use to establish and boost their online profile.


How To Get Started On Google Adwords

If phrases like “online marketing”, “pay per click” and “Google Adwords” fills you with fear this is for you. It explains the jargon, takes you step by step through setting up your own Adwords account and how to write and create your first pay per click advertising campaign. It will also show you how to use Adwords as a powerful, cheap and immediate market research tool – this information alone will reward the small outlay for the training video many times over.


Networking for Newbies

How To Build Your Network And Community

If you want to be able to identify your potential clients, then mapping your community and building your networks is vitally important as a business owner. So why not start with the people you already know? If you’re looking to build your network and tribe to allow you to engage a community of people who know who you are and what you offer, then this video is for you.


Starting Out on Social Media

How To Create Your Social Media Strategy

When you think about using social media for your business what happens for you? A sense of excitement? Or fear and overwhelm? Social media can make it very simple for you to share yourself and your business with the people you want to serve. So, if you want to shift that overwhelm into excitement, then do yourself a favour and watch this video where I will be sharing how to set yourself strong social branding and marketing foundations.


How To Create Social Media Profiles That Sizzle

Do you want to get noticed on social media, stand out from your competitors and be bold in showing the world what you can do? It all starts with your social media profile. Do it right and you can have potential clients contacting you regularly. Do it wrong and you will spend your time looking for leads instead of having them reach out to you.


Simple Sales Success Secrets

How To Gain Confidence In Selling Your Services

Are reluctant about “selling” your services because it feels icky or inauthentic? Do you feel reluctant to charge for your time? Do you get to the pricing part of the conversation and suddenly go awkward or mute? If so, you’re not alone! All too often, it’s the “sales” part of a heart- & soul-centred business that keeps passionate and purposeful people from making a sustainable living sharing their gifts and talents. If you’re ready to transition from pro bono to paid clients , then click here to learn the top 3 tips to shifting your perception from sales to service, build confidence in your sales ability and connect with PAYING clients!