Sarena Miller

President of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange

Who she is

Knock knock knock! Who is it?

Well, if you lived in a certain building in Montreal (about 30 years ago) it may just have been Sarena, proudly displaying a selection of hand-drawn and carefully coloured greeting cards. One of those cards could have been yours for only 25 cents! (that moolah bought WAY more candy back then)That was Sarena, the little whippersnapper, who, from the young age of only 5 was on a path of artistic and entrepreneurial adventures.

Today, Sarena helps her clients by combining her aesthetic flair with her panache for marketing and no-nonsense business strategy, all double dipped in fun and sprinkled with warmth!

With 20 years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, Sarena helps her clients tap into their unique gifts, find their voice, gain unparalleled clarity and create marketing strategies that make sense …all while feeling wonderfully organic.

She has a unique gift of helping her clients see the big picture, then breaking it down into easy-to-understand, manageable, action-able steps.

Sarena is the co-founder of the Academy for Business Betterment, helping turn creative passions into thriving businesses. She is also the founder and President of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange, helping hundreds of women with invaluable opportunities for business growth, learning and support.


Whether working with start-ups or multimillion dollar, even hundred-year-old companies, Sarena delivers the same firecracker spirit, high passion and full-commitment to your bottom line, with an unparalleled creative vision.

  • Looking for a way to market yourself that feels organic, makes sense…that is done with the foundation of joy, love and service, while making the money you want and deserve?
  • Are you a coach, an artist, yogini, a jewelry-maker, naturopath, stylist or event-planner ready to create a business that thrives?
  • Do you have an existing business that could use more clients – and more of the RIGHT ones?
  • Is your business feeling a little stale, struggling to bring that fresh dose of creativity and potential with a brand new vision…and a new, better marketing plan?

Get ready to enchant and delight your audience and keep them coming back for more.

With the soul of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur, Sarena delights in helping other heart-and-soul-centred and creative entrepreneurs:

  • share their gifts with the world
  • make more money doing what they love
  • renew the passion & purpose behind their work…creating lasting change
  • Help create the big picture, solidify the vision then break it down into easy-to-understand, manageable, joyful steps.


Whether you want Sarena to get into the sandbox with you and start building that castle, or you are a “do-it-yourself-er” who just needs a little direction, guidance and the right tools, the Academy for Business Betterment has you covered.

Sarena’s knowledge, unique exercises and results-oriented plan will excite and re-ignite your passion for your business!:

One-on-one creative business consulting

  • From vision to launch, idea to execution, Sarena will meet you where you are and guide you step-by-step with clarity and unparalleled support.
  • Find what’s working, and importantly: what’s not!
  • Are potential clients flying down rabbit holes, or ending up everywhere but the “buy” button?

Creative Direction – Branding & Marketing

  • Much more than a logo! Sarena will help you tell your business story and enchant your audience.  Together we’ll:
  • Uncover and understand the feeling your brand needs to exude. What it should look and sound like – consistently – so that people fall in love with your brand…and tell their friends!
  • Create your Visual Language and Lexicon. From the colours to the words to the pictures and the fonts…how you should be speaking or writing. We’ll discover the unique recipe that will have the most impact when connecting with your clients and prospects.

 Self-study programs and courses

  • Varying topics and themes, select availability throughout the year.


Each client is unique. You may just need a little guidance in the right direction or for Sarena to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty and help you “get-er-done!” We’ll have a discussion about what you need and want – and which package is right for you.

150$ or £100/ hour

Packages available :

6 hours: 749$ or £465
9 hours: 999$ or £620

Varied price and availability: Special programs, trainings, courses and self-study materials

Free: Advice and ideas via the Academy for Business Betterment “Synonym Stick”TM newsletter. Sweet!

All pricing will be based on the current conversion rate into the Contributor’s local currency at the time of purchase.





Sarena is a firecracker. A dynamic, smart and capable businesswoman. I have had the pleasure of dealing with her on numerous occasions, and she is a pro. Whatever Sarena touches turns to success and I would recommend her work any day!
Erica Diamond – Multi-Award winning entrepreneur, author, TV personality, speaker, brand ambassador for entrepreneur Barbie, FORBES Magazine’s Top 100 Sites for Women, FORBES Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Women In Business on Twitter, Top 30 under 30 top 40 under 40.

The moment….the nano second I met Sarena….I felt little sparks flying
off her. Some people give off an amazingly vibrant, electric and colourful
aura and others don’t. SARENA MILLER does! I remember thinking…wow…this is not just an ordinary person. Vivacious….warm and inviting are more the words to describe Sarena.

Sarena is also a born leader. Her enthusiasm, quick mind and hard working dedication to every task and project she takes on result in successful endeavours. Sarena has the rare ability to bridge the gap between the artist and the business woman and she accomplishes both roles with passion and dedication. She delights in the success of others and as a result is successful herself.

She is so warm and loving and inclusive and always outward thinking. I never feel like there is any other agenda but that people should enjoy and encourage each other. Such a pure spirit this woman has! And very rare.

Wanda Malfara – WandaMalfara photography

Dear Sarena,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you provided me through your program.
First, your questionnaire really helped me understand better where I wanted to go and aim my marketing efforts. It was truly eye opening and extremely helpful in a very concrete way.
Second, the coaching discussions that followed helped me really focus on what I truly wanted and helped create a better and clearer vision….You utilized a language that was adapted to my needs and easy to understand. You were patient and open to all of my questions and never once felt awkward in asking them.
Third, the report provided at the end was great. It was very explicit and clear and easy to follow. I still refer to it on a regular basis to make sure that I am still moving in the right direction.
I encourage anyone, who is serious about their business, to get in touch with you because it will accelerate their way to success as it does me.
Be sure that if I ever need help with my business, you will be the first person I will call. Thanks again!

Pierre Benoît, CHt, RCCH, CT.NLP – Registered Counselling Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Working with Sarena is working with a friend and a trusted advisor. Sarena has a lot of wisdom and experience in business that can teach you new powerful techniques and tools. Working with Sarena is a unique experience You get more than what you paid for. She makes sure all your questions are answered in depth and that you are clear about what she is teaching you. Sarena also takes extensive time to give you notes so you can refer to them later.

Sarena is also very warm and funny. When I worked with her no matter how busy she was she made me feel important…not many experts I worked with have. Sarena is non-judgemental and authentic and when you work with her you know you are in good hands. I highly recommend you hire Sarena, you will never regret it.”

Galit Lazar – Confidence coach, Blooming Confidence