Mira Simon

Certified Professional Life Coach

Who she is

Mira Simon, CPC, ELI-MP, PCC, is a Certified Professional Life Coach, and a graduate of the iPEC Certified Coaching Program. Mira’s greatest passion has been her ability to recognize the potential in others and maximize that potential to motivate and inspire them to create powerful and purposeful change. It is this passion and enthusiasm for empowering people to fulfill their potential that drove her success in radio sales, where she worked with multi-national broadcast companies as a national sales manager, a director of sales and managed sales teams that ranged from 10 people to over 60 people.


Mira’s coaching skills, combined with her sales background, can provide support and guidance in the following ways:

  • Creating a mindset that fosters excitement in the sales process of developing your business
  • Developing a plan to get out there and meet with clients
  • Overcoming objections
  • Coaching support throughout the Start Out Steps process
  • Working with young adults to discover who they are, what they love and create their own unique plan for the future


  • $135 or £85 per hour /$80 or £50 per half hour
  • $525 or £325 for 4 sessions
  • $995 or £625 for 8 sessions

All pricing will be based on the current conversion rate into the Contributor’s local currency at the time of purchase.


The best way to contact Mira is by email at coachmira@gmail.com


Wow! What can I say? Working with Coach Mira has been a truly rewarding experience. Her tips and guidance helps to keep me focused and accountable to myself. Mira helped me to develop procedures that fit my style and abilities perfectly. Her first concern for me was to make sure the ideas we came up with were ways that fit the person I am.

I would give my full recommendation to anybody looking for ways to stay focused and not become overwhelmed.

Mira! You are the best!

Todd Williams – Uniradio

Mira brings an energy with her that is unparalleled. She is an eternal optimist, always positive, friendly and outgoing. I am proud to say we are coaching colleagues and I would be happy to have her on my team anytime! She is an extremely capable coach and is unusually adept at bridging all generations (Boomers, Gen X, Millenials)!
Victor Bullara – Executive Master Coach for Breakthrough Results and 6:1 Return on Investment

Mira is the absolute best! Mira is always full of energy and has the best outlook on everything. She knows how to listen well and motivate people. Her values and ethics are a rarity in the radio industry. I have continued to place business directly with Mira through my agency, and never have been disappointed with her dedication and forthright and honest approach to her clients and getting results. It’s a privilege to work with her.

Steve Pollak – Creative and Media Director at RadioActive Media LLC

Having gone through a contentious time with my first child, during high school, I was prepared to experience the same challenges the second time around – a surly teen who is certain that her parents don’t know anything, with a closed mind to any suggestions. Working with Coach Mira, my daughter is open to possibilities and thinks strategically about her approach to high school and how her choices now will affect her college opportunities. Mira’s collaborative process has helped my daughter develop better decision making skills so that she is more motivated and focused on her work. It’s never too early or too late to gain tremendous benefit from the coaching Mira will give your child. We started working with Coach Mira in 9th grade, and it set the relationship with my daughter off on the right foot.

I know without a doubt, from the results I see with my youngest child, if we had worked with Coach Mira when my older daughter was in high school, our relationship would have been so much smoother and her options for college broader.

The best thing you could do to support your teen and your family is work with Coach Mira. You will be amazed, as I was, that the returns far exceed the goal of college selection.”

Beth Lynch Parent