Ian Hanreck

The London Life Coach


Ian Hanreck set up his coaching business and became The London Life Coach (www.londonlifecoach.co.uk) in 2004 after training with the European Coaching Foundation.

Why work with Ian as your coach: Ian has helped hundreds of clients gain clarity on their future and how to achieve their vision and goals. He sometimes calls his style “nuts and bolts” coaching, cutting to the chase and stripping away much of the self help jargon, and the mental clutter and “noise” that hold his clients back from taking action.

He believes passionately that happiness and fulfillment are not a far off destination to be constantly deferred. They are to be found in the “here and now” and enjoyed as you work towards your goals not just once you have achieved them.

Ian limits the number of clients he works with so he can fully commit to his client’s success, being available to them between sessions whenever extra support is needed.

Why he is qualified to teach Google Adwords: Early in 2005 with few clients and little income he spent £30 of his fast dwindling overdraft on an online Google Adwords course and the next few weeks trying to understand this (then) new way of advertising online. There was a lot of jargon he’d never heard before let alone understood.

He finally plucked up the courage to create his first online ad. Much to his shock and relief a few days later he received his very first enquiry from someone who had seen his online ad.

Finally! He was in business!

Inadvertently the real world Adwords knowledge he has acquired in building his coaching practice has allowed him to set up another business offering training in mastering the art of Adwords and managing Adwords campaigns for other business owners.


Ian’s clients are at point where they are ready to make big changes in their life or career (often both) but are struggling first to gain clarity on what those changes should be and then how to start that process of change. They have enough self awareness to know they can’t do it by themselves and when to invest in their future by seeking out professional help.



  • One to one coaching: £80-150 / $129.95 – $249.95 per session*
  • Mentoring for fellow coaches: £60-75 / $99.95 – $120 per session*

*reductions for payment of bulk sessions upfront

Google Adwords

  • One to one training: £250 /$400 half day or £400 /$649.95 full day
  • Building bespoke Adwords campaign: £750**/ $1250 ** (account set up, keywords research, up to 2 campaigns with up to 5 ad groups each + 1 month’s account optimisation)
  • Ad Excellence Package £1000**/ $1625 (Bespoke campaign creation, a full day one to one training, 1 month’s account optimisation)
  • • Ongoing account management: from £125 / $200 per month**

**Ad spend is in addition to these figures

Group Adwords training can be arrange on request, please contact me to discuss your requirements

All pricing will be based on the current conversion rate into the Contributor’s local currency at the time of purchase.


The best way to contact Ian is either email: ian@londonlifecoach.co.uk or phone 07711 704117


When I began considering and pursuing a career change about a year and a half ago, I found the experience daunting and was unsure where to begin. It was then that I began working with Ian. In this time, he has been an invaluable resource and support.

Ian provided much needed structure to an otherwise overwhelming process, helping to define clear, small steps that amounted to big results. He ensured that I maintained momentum and focus in my efforts, and helped me to improve my approach when encountering the inevitable stumbling blocks along the way. Above all, he kept me accountable and honest about my true priorities and objectives while offering unbiased listening and advice.

Throughout my time working with Ian, he has been fully committed to enabling me to achieve my goals. He is responsive, engaging, and intuitive. His flexibility and resourcefulness have made it possible for our working relationship to evolve over time, and our collaboration continues to be extremely valuable.

I recommend without reservation Ian’s services to anyone looking to make a meaningful professional change.

Joy Wiersum – Vice President at Boston Analytics

I started seeing Ian at a time when I was unclear what my future career direction should be and I was feeling that I was not reaching my potential in the job I was currently doing. Ian gave me the space to step back from my current situation and evaluate my values and beliefs and then helped me clarify what it was that would most fulfil me personally in the future. We then worked on a plan to achieve my career goals. Ian was supportive and objective throughout and within a surprisingly short space of time I moved to a new role, am much happier as a result, and have real clarity about my career path.

Tom Gulliver – Commercial Insight at Hovis