Dahna Weber

Co-founder and Matriarch of Minc – Motherhood Incorporated

Who she is

Packinko powered brain, faster than frenzy, open minded, creative and giving. Dahna delivers. She makes it fun and gets it done. At the core of her success is her passion and compassion and endless drive to explore, connect and achieve.

Co-founder and Matriarch of Minc – Motherhood Incorporated- a 200+ team of moms who consider your business our babies! Dahna connects you to the RIGHT web designer, the RIGHT graphic artist and the RIGHT translator to meet your timeline, your budget and your style. She then manages it all- just like YOU would. Offering turnkey save your butt get you out of any bind and heal any boo boo, caring for your business, nurturing, milking every opportunity for you, always there for you, extensive range of services, tips, driven and passionate, serial learner, she is best known for her energy and ability to work into the WEE hours while munching on Lindt fleur de sel dark chocolate.

A bit about her past:

With 40 years of entrepreneurial spirit coursing through her blood, and globetrotting to more than 40 countries Dahna’s experience, thinking and skills are global, quick, customized and connected. Teaching to kids and corporate training, managing sales budgets of over $25 million, shooting a documentary on the Thai/Burmese border, selling tattoos in Sydney, Australia, and CRM to major retailers in the U.S. and Canada, working directly with Godiva’s international marketing team are but a few of her endeavors prior to launching MINC.


Dahna works with startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Coaches, social workers, interior designers, stylists, hair salons human resource companies, culinary companies, insurance companies, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and more! We understand the challenge of small business owners and work on time and on budget to get your projects done and to help liberate you to do what you do best!


With tireless energy, Dahna gets your message OUT there, makes sure you have the functionality your business needs and helps you solidify your business brand. She can get your site up in 5 days…your graphic art work completed 2 days, your translation in 24 hours……even if you are hustling in meetings, too busy to talk or at the gym! Her questions come in rapid fire succession and discover untapped potential and a plethora of new ideas for your business. Her non-exhaustive list of services includes:

Web Design:

o WordPress
o Joomla
o html
o e-commerce
o turnkey guidance available from name brainstorming, domain and social media profile selection, hosting guidance, content, image banks and selection, etc.

Graphic Design:

o logos
o business cards
o packaging
o brochures/postcars
o html signatures
o letterhead
o annual reports/catalogues, etc.


o English
o French
o Spanish
o Croatian, Italian and many more!

Other Services:

• Search Engine Optimization
• Writing, Editing, Blogging and more
• Social Media Marketing Campaigns
• Grant writing
• Business Plans
• Project Management
• Business Administration
• Sales Analysis and Marketing
• R & D
• Anything that can be virtually done!


• Web design packages starting from $1,000 or £550
• Logos and business cards from $199 or £120
• Pachinko Program (brainstorming madness)
o 3 hour skype/live business turned upside down and inside out overview
o personalized report/ action plan
o short and long terms goals
o $199 or £120 for SOS students
• Website Wakeup
o 2 hour skype/live review of an existing website
o custom tips that you can apply yourself on:
• design, branding, content, functionality, social media, seo, client conversion, marketing message
o $149 or £89 for SOS students
• Consulting/ web support hourly rate $80/hour or £50/hour for SOS students
• Virtual administrative support from $30/hour or £20/hour
• Watch her video to receive a special gift!

All pricing will be based on the current conversion rate into the Contributor’s local currency at the time of purchase.


The best way to contact Dahna is by email dahna@motherhoodincorporated.ca phone at +1-514-578-4655.


I met Dahna at a social event and asked her if she could help me redesign my interior design website. By matching me with the perfect web designer for my needs, the three of us were able to transform my site into something sleek and professional. I have no doubt that this new site has increased my visibility and led to further clients. I still get comments all the time about how great it is. Dahna also arranged for my business card to be redesigned, and recently to have my site updated by the same web designer. Dahna is my go-to-person as a small business owner. I know that she will deliver and exceed my expectations.
Rebecca Mitchell – www.rebeccamitchellinteriors.com and www.rebeccamitchellboutique.com

I have been procrastinating for the past 7 months to design and launch my newsletter. It took Dahna and her team 7 days to do it (from requirements to design, going back and forth for changes and all !!). So when she says ” do what you do best, we do the rest!” , she truly means it. Thank you Dahna for your amazing work. I can’t believe how fast you delivered … you are seriously the best !!
Lama Farran – www.maxworth.ca

We hired Dahna to help us rebuild our website www.lilmonkeys.ca on WordPress. She did a great job of not only locating a web designer to work with us but did a fantastic job of project managing the implementation. We are very happy with the results and super happy with the responsiveness of Dahna and her web designer for post go-live support. We would highly recommend Dahna and Minc!
Eric Aizer – Chief of Staff at Move, Inc.

Going above and beyond is an understatement when you work with Dahna at MINC. Brilliance combined with efficiency is what you get ALWAYS. You know those times when you say as a business owner, I need to do it myself, because no one cares as much as I do, and it needs to be done right, well, meet the other YOU. Dahna and her team of professionals at MINC can be your extension. Thanks Dahna for the continued excellence you bring to our businesses!
Joyce Shanks – www.ecause.ca