Lisa Mckenzie

Social Media Guru

Who she is

Lisa is excited by people and their passions. Every great company, big and small, grew from a passionate thought, a vision and devotion to do what it takes. In 2007, developing an idea into a business got considerably easier when Lisa first discovered social media as a tool for growing and marketing a venture. She knew instantly that people worldwide would now have the opportunity and the channels to share their ideas, talents and develop meaningful businesses. This was a life defining moment for Lisa, which profoundly changed how she did business. She vowed to become the catalyst to break down the ever-so-confusing world of social media into bite-sized brilliance to help entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies alike create contagious brands.

Since 2007, Lisa has worked, presented and lectured to thousands of students, entrepreneurs and professionals to inspire them in creating their social brands, and developing social marketing & sales campaigns that actively engage and attract more traffic, sales and profits online and offline.

Lisa is a sought after social marketing strategist, professional speaker and Social Media teacher at Concordia University in Montreal. She is also the founder of Deserving Divas, an online community hosting live lifestyle events and networking opportunities for women. Lisa is a community builder, a networker and a connector with her finger on the pulse of the latest trends and tools you need to optimize your social influence. Her clients and colleagues describe her as on-fire with a thirst for adventure that is truly contagious as she spreads her infectious enthusiasm and inspires others to join along.

Who she works with

Lisa works with entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses that want to use social media to create a conscious connection with their ideal client and drive more sales and profits.


Lisa teaches a wide variety of topics, as well as mentors conscious entrepreneurs and offers strategic business consulting and full service programs.

These include:


  • Social-LITE webinars: Online courses, covering one social network at a time
  • Social LEAP course: Live and online 20-hour course covering the full spectrum of social media including social branding, social networking, social marketing and social selling.
  • Social LEAP Mentorship: One on One mentorship program
  • Social Branding services: Discover and design your contagious social brand
  • Full service Social Marketing Strategy Development, Action plan and Implementation services: All-inclusive social media
  • Keynote speaking and Workshop facilitation
  • Social Audit & Recommendations


  • 90-minute social media one-off consultation  £275 or CAD$500
  • Social-LITE webinars start at £70 or CAD$130
  • Social LEAP courses start at £550 or CAD$1000
  • Social LEAP Mentorship is customized to your needs
  • Social Branding service is customized to your needs
  • Social Media Audit & Recommendations service starts £275 or CAD$500
  • All-Inclusive social media: Social Marketing Strategy Development & Implementation plan customized to your needs
  • Keynote speaking and Workshop facilitationcustomized to your needs


The best way to contact Lisa is by email at Lisa@LisaMcKenzie.com


Lisa is a genius when it comes to social media marketing. I was Lisa’s student & she has so much to offer that I hired her. Taking her course is akin to being a kid in a candy store. You will want to try out everything & you will keep coming back for more! I have been a university teacher for 9 years & a student for longer (Ph.D. candidate) so I have experience on both sides of the desk! How many of your professors kept you so engaged that you couldn’t wait for next class? Lisa is knowledgeable, funny, brilliant at what she does & she is a natural in the classroom. I wish more profs made learning as much fun as she does. I promise you will not be sorry you enrolled. She is a golden nugget!
Gillian Leithman – Founder and facilitator at Life Skills Toolbox

Lisa is the quintessential social media professional and expert. Everything you wanted to know but did not dare to ask until now… Lisa is tech savvy and remains very much up to date on the latest social media trends and tools. She singles out what works best for you and your business. I had a chance to work with Lisa on several occasions and I commend her not only on her knowledge but her teaching approach that leaves you with a new found mastery.
Mannon Malo – Business Solution Consultant

Lisa is terrific to work with, her unique sense of humour and engaging approach to social branding and marketing strategies are easy to follow. She is truly inspiring and she encourages us to think outside the box. Lisa makes social marketing accessible even to the most inexperienced social marketer. Absolutely insightful!
Dan Pereda – Freelance Manager & Specialized Recruitment

Having Lisa McKenzie as a business and social marketing mentor means more than just being guided on the how to’s of social media. Lisa is totally committed to my success and if you are lucky enough to be her client, she will do all it takes to keep you on track, to look out for you on every angle and she is not afraid to tell it as she sees. I truly feel that she has helped create my foundation for a solid business with her expertise and feel confident that with the tools she has taught me to use, I will be able to continue with great success.
Miriam Pearl – Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Nut-Free Kosher Baked Goods l Celiac Allergy Advocate l Founder of Delicious Without Gluten Inc.

I recently took an intensive Social Media Fundamentals class given by Lisa at Concordia. Thanks to her course I learned more in five weeks than I did in almost three years previously on my own. It’s clear that Lisa has a deep understanding of the power and potential of Social Media as a business and marketing tool, and her passion for the subject as well as her knowledge and experience shine through. Add to this her engaging and inclusive style of teaching and for me, it made for a fun and very productive learning experience. For beginners her course is well structured, systematic and logical. She teaches sound fundamentals and thoroughly covers the basics of each of the platforms explaining not only what to do, but more importantly, why.
I would not hesitate to recommend her courses or her consulting services for anyone looking to take their Social Media business efforts to the next level.
Norman Frampton – Marketing & Communications Manager at General International Mfg. Ltd.

How you can learn more about Lisa and events she’s doing

Visit Lisa’s website at www.LisaMcKenzie.com