Charlon Bobo

New paradigm thought-leader, (r)evolutionary entrepreneur & Certified Business Ghostwriter

Who she is

Charlon Bobo is a respected new paradigm thought-leader, (r)evolutionary entrepreneur, Certified Business Ghostwriter and founder of EditCopyProof™ and BusinessGhostwritingSolutions.com. Charlon draws from personal, professional, spiritual and intuitive wellsprings to deliver books and business-building marketing content for change-making entrepreneurs.

With 15+ years of real-world experience including copywriting, editing, entrepreneurship, ghostwriting and online marketing, Charlon’s unique expertise and insights are sought by visionaries both domestically (United States) and internationally.

Clients around the globe include Broadcast.org, Business Building Books, Choice Point Movement, inspire.tv, The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Ladies Who Launch, NES Health and Rejuvenate Your Practice.

When she is not championing heart-centered business owners, Charlon is an avid cyclist and international traveler. She enjoys the many benefits of simple, sustainable, coastal living including hiking, reading, cooking, baking, canning, gardening, soap making and supporting her weekly local farmers’ market and independent local movie theatre. Charlon lives and thrives in Santa Cruz, California.

Who she works with

Whether you are an author, speaker, coach, energy worker, trainer, inventor or healer, if you have a passion for making a BIG difference in the world based on your life purpose, Charlon partners with you to build and grow your business so you:

• position yourself as an expert within your niche
• increase sales or exposure
• boost opportunities for interviews and speaking engagements
• expand product or service offerings
• leave a legacy


Charlon‘s copywriting and marketing expertise empowers entrepreneurs in two ways depending on their needs:

1. She teaches you how to capture the energy and essence of who you are and what you offer with 1-on-1 private consulting and instant-access ePrograms.

2. She writes (or edits) for you if you don’t have the time, interest or skill to write your own content, including advertisements, articles, autoresponders, blog and newsletter content, books, eBooks, free reports, press releases, social media posts, training modules, video scripts, websites and workshop manuals.


A Personal Note From Charlon:
Each client and project is unique. As such, I am committed to understanding you and your business, and discovering how I can fully support you in building or growing your business. That’s why it’s important for us to meet via telephone or Skype. After meeting, I will deliver a customized plan-of-action via email, including pricing and payment options.


Take a quantum leap today into the future of your business. No matter where you are on the journey, you are warmly invited to contact Charlon via email at editor@editcopyproof.com for a free consult to discuss your unique needs, whether project-based, or on a monthly or retainer basis.


I found Ms. Bobo by conducting a Google search on the terms ‘conscious’ and ‘copywriter.’ Her unique skill set of online marketing and expert copywriting is exactly what I needed to launch both my businesses. She quickly became in an indispensable part of our team due to her professionalism, responsiveness and the quality of the content she consistently develops for us.

No matter how seemingly impossible the turn-around times I give Charlon, her joyful demeanor and can-do attitude stands out. She delivers on every promise, often before deadlines. She communicates in a timely fashion on every phase of every project.

I look forward to opening Charlon’s emails because I know it will be good news! And my only response now is ‘excellent, as always’ because excellence is her standard.
Rainer Dunkel – CEO Broadcast.org Media Foundation

I originally hired Charlon to edit my best-selling manuscript; a referral from my publisher. I had no idea she would become such an integral part of the project.

In addition to her obvious copyediting talents, I appreciate Charlon’s natural ability to honor my vision for the project. She completely understood my mission and operated from this basis. Using her refined intuitive abilities and technical skill set, she guided me through the entire process of getting the very best from me so she could do her best for me. Open and ongoing communication, professionalism, efficiency, responsiveness, and a truly collaborative spirit made this experience a positive and memorable one.

With a natural flair for editing content that speaks to the hearts of women, Charlon has my highest recommendation for any material that requires a sensitive and attuned–yet masterful technical and methodical–approach for a superior result.

Victoria Colligan – founder of Ladies Who Launch, the first new media company to provide encouragement, advice and exposure to women entrepreneurs

My experience of engaging Charlon Bobo as the editor for my book can only be described as a mix of mastery and miracle. Charlon worked with me and my manuscript in a way that was “above and beyond the call of duty.”

Not only did she expertly perform the technical editing function, but she helped me refine the delivery of my content so that it held the highest integrity of my voice and my vision. This occurred under high-pressure conditions.

In the end, not only was my book published in time to meet a tight deadline, but Charlon had energetically elevated my story’s message at its highest level of expression. She was a fiercely vital advocate for my story’s delivery into the world. I could never even have imagined this quality of support.

I now refer to Charlon as ‘Saint Charlon of Arc,’ warrior woman of Spirit, Vision, and Masterful Service.

Victoria Hanchin – wholistic therapist and transformational author of The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth

It is especially refreshing finding someone in the business world who has stepped out of the old paradigm and brings joy, brilliance and a new way of marketing.

Charlon understands that energy is behind everything. She is about substance and what is real and moving beyond appearance. She knows that true success comes from working from the heart and helping others to also succeed. Her work is brilliant and filled with heart. I highly endorse Charlon and the skills she provides for successful strategies in your business.

Kathleen McIntire -creator of Guiding Signs 101 Cards